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AMVT TDG-P Blender

Main Features:

1. Suitable for rice, feed and chemical industries for continuous production of ingredients.

2. The industrial control computer, English operating system, various actions are displayed in English, Human-machine interface, easy operation.

3. Offers a variety of materials, the instantaneous flow / total flow of the data.

4. Body belt dosing, frequency transimission, high precision ingredients and ingredients with automatic and manual feed control..

5. Chain drive adopted, high efficiency and stable operation.

Technical Parameters:

The maximum yield of 5t/h
TDG-2P (L)2100x(W)750x(H)1450(mm)
Precision <0.5% TDG-3P (L)3100x(W)750x(H)1450(mm)
Different ratios of
1:10 TDG-4P (L)3900x(W)750x(H)1450(mm)
Can be equipped with type 2 - any group and the Length and breadth away from the scene the situation can be customized according to user