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Chute Mono-Chromatic Rice Color Sorter





1. Main features

Advanced Vision System

        a. Specially designed optical to reduce shadow and distortion.

        b. High speed, sensitive CCD camera with 2048 pixel resolution to detect tiny spot aaaaaadefects.

        c. Optional IR to detect foreign material with same color as good rice grain.  

Intelligent Software and Powerful Digital Image Processing

        a. 4th Generation FPGA + high speed DSP to deliver power sorting algorithms.

        b. Cusomized color model to support sophisticated defect processing including Spot, aaaaaaArea, Size defects.

        c. Support multiple sorting modes to minimize product change over time.

        d. Bi-chromatic(visible+IR) sorting to support Light, Dark sort on both visible and IR aaaaaawave lengths, which cover all kinds of defects and foreign materials.

Optimized Ejection

        a. Fast valve reponse to ensure accurate ejection on defects.

        b. Optimized blow time to reduce good rice carried over into reject.

        c. Ejection protection by hardware to save ejector life.

Easy Operation

        a. Big touch screen graphic interface.

        b. Automatic faults monitoring and alarm.

        c. Configurable re-sort capability.

        d. Remote debug and easy software upgrade by USB


2. Technical Parameters














 Single phase,110V/60Hz,1.8Kw

 Single phase,110V/60Hz,2.9Kw

Single phase,110V/60Hz,3.5Kw 

 Air Consumption

 64CFM @ 90-120PSI

106CFM @ 90-120PSI 

 150CFM @ 90-120PSI





 Size(L x W x H)in

 57 x 64 x 84

 82 x 64 x 84

103 x 64 x 84 

3. Dimensional Drawings


4. Applications