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AMVT MJXT Series Rice Length Grader

Main Features:

1. Simple structure and low power consumption.

2. Well-adapted and high grading efficiency.

3. Cylinder sealed, no dust emission.

4. Convenient operation and maintenance.

Technical Parameters:

Model MJXT45x2
Capacity(t/h) 1-2 1.5-2 2-3
Power of main motor(KW)
0.25+0.25 0.25+0.25+0.25 0.55+0.55
Size(mm) 2620x595x2090 2620x595x2690 2620x695x1800
Weight(kg) 650 920 960

AMVT MJXH Series Rice Thickness Grader

Main Features:

1. Convenient and quick replacement of screen drum.

2. Equipped cleaning device for screen drum, ensuring grading efficiency.

3. Varied screen drum available to meet the requirements of different materials.

4. Simple structure, easy maintenance.

5. Chain drive adopted, high efficiency and stable operation.

Technical Parameters:

Model MJXH29x6
Capacity(t/h) 4-5 5.5-7
Power of main motor(KW)
0.75+0.25 0.75+0.25
Drum speed(rpm) 78
Size(mm) 2576x1899x2327 2576x1899x2927
Weight(kg) 1700